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Posting on a Sun makes me feel a bit like going to Confession [Mar. 8th, 2009|09:39 pm]
I met up with 5 of my poly mates a couple of weeks back. The last time I saw most of them was ... wow, 1997, when we graduated. 3 of them have "graduated" to mothers, 1 of them is on the way, and the other's single like me. Now, guess what the dinner conversation was about?

If you guessed "KIDS", good for you! Take a bow and grab a free coffee on the way out. Yes, its all about the 4-letter word, KIDS.

I'm not a child-hater, nor do I go around kicking small children. In fact I'm the proud aunt of 2 monstrous mischievous girls. So I do know a bit about small humans, especially after I'm being lectured on the virtues of the different members of the WINX Club, and why Ben10 is cute. Sigh.

But honestly, an entire night's conversation's devoted to kids?? Pull my nails out with a pair of pliers will you? Baby names, baby furniture, nursing times, delivery stories, baby toys, baby clothes, breastfeeding, cost of diapers, "your baby's more behaved than my baby".... One of them even mentioned that she and her husband were considering to start volunteer work at a primary school soon so their son would have a higher chance of enrollment. Did I mention that the son is EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD???

My brain kinda shut down after that.

They mentioned about meeting up again soon. I was cool with that, provided that "soon" translated to oh, another 30 years or so.

Last Fri, I met up with S, a galfriend for coffee and cakes at Prive (lovely, lovely place). She mentioned that one of her friends recently mentioned to her about freezing her eggs. Apparently this friend was worried as she was now into her thirties and still very single.

I nearly fell off my chair while S was relating this to me. Do women my age really think about freezing their eggs?? Should I too be considering such issues?

Frankly, I think I'm too self-centered to have children. Once you have kids, everything you want takes second place. No doubt, kids bring a smile to your face, and mothers often claim that seeing their kids after a hard day's of work makes all their hard work they put in worth it. But still, I always feel that I'm a kid myself, and the responsibility of bringing up another person scares me to death.

My sis-in-law was mulling today over what her life would be if she didn't have kids at such a young age(she became a mother at 22, and no, its not a shotgun marriage). She concluded that motherhood may not even be her choice. This revelation came as a surprise to me. I always thought Mothers are usually incredibly satisfied with their life choices.

Me? I'm just happy to play auntie.
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Paiseh paiseh [Jan. 26th, 2009|12:07 am]
Wah, so "malu". Posted a half-completed entry. :P

Will finish that up some other day. In the meantime, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Have a blessed year with good health and wealth yah!!

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Oh shoot [Jan. 11th, 2009|04:19 pm]
Darn! There goes my New Year's resolution of updating twice a week. :P

Its not even 2 weeks into the New Year and I'm already struggling to stick to my resolutions. Heck, I think I'm having problems remembering them, let alone fulfill them. BUT, I will try harder.

The last statement above is a note to my sub-conscious, as advised by the latest self-help book I'm reading. Do they work? I don't know. From previous experiences, immediately after reading a self-help book, I'll feel all powerful, determined and confident to change my way of life. I'll resolve to wake up 30 mins earlier for morning yoga (physical and mental wellness), to cut down on shopping (simplify my life and save money), and to give up meat (yeekz! animal carcasses).

A week after that, you'll find me hitting the snooze button on the alarm (10 mins more, please!), engaging in "mall-athron" shopping (I need more clothes! bags! shoes!), and ordering my favourite sliced fish bee hoon at Maxwell market (you were expecting a bloody steak didn't you?).

Alas, the flesh is not quite willing, and the spirit's also nua.

Better luck next book.
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Say.... [Jan. 2nd, 2009|08:47 pm]
So I'm back. From outer space. Well, almost.

I missed writing my thoughts. Not that they are earth-shattering material, but LJ does provide me hammer out my mental ramblings.

Enjoyed the public holidays everyone? I did. But I do wished they were more spaced out so there isn't any holiday drought in the middle of the year. Cramming all the partying into 2 weeks is quite taxing on these old bones (so I wisely opted for the cinema instead of the clubs).

Young girls these days are quite.... made up, aren't they? (Wow I've added 2 decades to my age just by saying that.) Thick black eyeliner, spider-webby fake lashes, glittery eye lids,.. and all these are just for the day. And their clothes! Fishnet stockings, flashy satin dresses, uber short shorts; seems like they can't decide whether they are channeling Amy Winehouse or a flash dance gal. The crowning glory? The small poufy "cream puff" on top of their head (formed by gathering the fringe, pulling it up, twisting and then securing with a mini hair clip). Is it just me or does every girl on the road looks exactly the same? At least I know what to do when I want to act like a modern-day ahlian 20-something! *blinks blinks*

And so the time of the year when I happily tuck into a "buffet" of chips, bak kwa, and cookies is here again. Yup, its the Great NTUC Fairprice Sale! Nah, everyone knows its CNY. I still have a kiddy opinion of the Lunar New Year. It still represents pretty new clothes, new shoes, and lots of yummy goodies. Of course, every spinster single like me will still dread THE SPANISH INQUISITION from the kaypoh concerned relatives about my martial status. Honestly, I do wish they can ask me something which I have control over. Like my hair colour. Or nail colour. Frankly speaking, how do they benefit from knowing when I would get married? Its not as if they have a secret betting pool on when I would get married.

Or maybe they do. Hmm.
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I have an MC (mental condition) [Jun. 24th, 2008|11:23 am]
Been neglecting LJ for so long that it feels like a stranger to me. I'm typing this entry on a Tue, at 1130am. Which means either my boss is overpaying a slacker, or I'm on medical leave.

And yes, I am on medical leave. For overworking, of all things. "Lack of rest and nutrition", scolded the Doc. Apparently he didn't think that a 10% weight loss due to loss of appetite is healthy (doesn't read slimming ads much, does he?). He ordered a 2-days medical leave for me, declaring "your agency would have to do without their account servicing person for 2 days".

I wondered whether I'm a workaholic, or its my bad habit to select jobs which require lunatic working hours. Deadlines, deadlines, and yet more deadlines. Such is the nature of an ad agency. This week's a terrible time to fall ill because its the dreaded 3rd week of the month; the week which all the magazines demand the submission of advertisements or we risk incurring the wrath of the high deity of publishing (ok I'm kidding on the last part).

So I'm stuck at home now. I would have made it to work if my boss had not "banned" me from the office today. Actually I feel quite alright, save for a slight fever, a nagging headache and mild gastric problems. Instead I'm now fretting at home, worrying and wondering if my clients' ads are submitted. I kept stealing glances at my phone, and pushing buttons occasionally to see if I've missed a call or an sms. People have been admitted to "Hougang Chalet" for lesser symptoms.

Trying to make myself sleepy now so I can go play chess with Uncle Zhou. I just need to check my phone one more time.....
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The Arrival of Spring...... Cleaning :( [Jan. 20th, 2008|08:49 pm]
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

Its less than 3 weeks to CNY! *shrieks!* And my room's still in a horri-gible mess! *shrieks!*

The thing I dread most about CNY is Spring-Cleaning. Literally dirty words. I mean, bring on the new clothes, new shoes, and yummy goodies (as you can see, I'm still a 4-year old at heart), but spring-cleaning? Y U C K S.

You see, my room resembles something that IKEA and This Fashion have vomited out (what an image). Mismatched furniture, haphazardly-placed clothes, carelessly-flung bags and accessories are all thrown all over the room. I admit, I treat my place like a hotel room; basically I check out in the morning and check in late at night just to catch some shuteye. Unfortunately it doesn't come with fancy housekeeping, i.e. room is the same impossibly messy state when I return each day to "check in".

Every year, about a month before CNY, my mum will take her usual position just outside my room door, sweep her eyes around my room, and smirk, "I have no idea how you are going to get your room ready for CNY. Good luck hor!". She usually punctuates it with a giggle at the end.

Tsk tsk. Mummies shouldn't be like that one leh!

Anyway! Besides tackling this "its-so-horrible-i-don't-want-to-think-about-it" task, I have to get ready for my HKG trip this Sat. Things to do (for my own recall):

1. Print Air Ticket.
2. Change Currency.
3. Pack Clothes.
4. Plan Some Sort of Itinerary.
4. Prepare Shopping List of Requests.

I almost forgot about Point 1 and 2 till end last week, which is not unusual for Ms Scatterbrain here. But hey, at least I booked my air ticket WAYYYYY in advance. I usually buy air tickets like, just the week before I fly. Thats why e_rambler thinks that lastminute.com is my favourite site (I need an Asian edition).

Sigh. Gotta start packing my room........
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memories of christmas~ [Dec. 25th, 2007|01:03 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

have a wonderful christmas everyone!~
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The Nominal Christmas Whining Post [Dec. 20th, 2007|01:04 pm]
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

I've been really tardy in updating LJ!

Year-end is the super-peak period and work has been piling up. My boss and another colleague have gone on vacations so I ended up servicing the entire company's accounts for a week (*sniffs sniff*). It was simply insane. The flu bug didn't really helped; the pills simply zombified me throughout the day. Add having to soothe the egos of the other colleagues plus endure screaming clients .... well, my body had to register its displeasure. I can't eat nor sleep well these days. At work, little things started to irritate me to the point that I frequently have to blink back tears of frustration. Its not my colleague's fault that she took her leave during this period, but still, I can't help but think thoughts of resentment. Sigh.

Ok rant over. Been wanting to get that out of my system for some time. :)

Its Christmas next week! psynical_waltz, Cheryl and I were talking about it last night. Do you like Christmas, I asked. Surprisingly we all concurred. We love the little things that made up Christmas: the pretty twinkling lights at night, the charming decorative bauble and ribbons, the sumptuous spread of festive goodies.

What we didn't like was the whole commercial "buy-buy-buy" feeling. Gifts, originally thought to be straight from the heart, took on a more political feel. Certain people, well, you "gift" them because of particular reasons. Gift-buying thus became a chore, rather than a pleasure.

I love to buy gifts, and to dream up fabulous gift-wrapping which will ooh and ahh people. But the thought of having to jostle with the maniacal shopping crowd and finding the PERFECT gift within a deadline just stresses me out. :(

The Christmas celebrations is another "headachy" issue. You're expected to be out and about, having a wild crazy time with your pals or a cozy, intimate night with your other half during this season. So what happens when you are too old to party and the other "mystical" half has not materialised? Christmas simply batters home the fact that look, you pathetic single person, the season of loving and sharing is here, and guess what, you're not part of it!

Yeah yeah, just call me Ms Scrooge. Bah, humbug.

P/S: No, I'm not crawling into any hole to sleep Christmas away. Lovely plans, Ms Scrooge has made.

Merry Christmas y'all!~
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sigh~ [Nov. 4th, 2007|01:46 pm]
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

I have the knees of an old woman. :(

My left knee had been experiencing on and off pain for the past few years which I usually ignored or occasionally dab some un-aromatic Chinese medicinal oil on it. The pain has recently got pretty bad, probably because I'm overly fond of walking around too much in my stilt-like heels, and my twice-weekly body combat class.

And so I took myself off to see this "renowned" (according to my Dad, he's a consultant on MediaCorp radio) Chinese physician. He listened to my pulse solemnly, made me lie down and proceeded to stick 5 needles into my knee. Aiyo. No warning leh.

His diagnosis? My "Run4 Dai4" is being worn out and the next thing to go is the "soft bone" (cartridge?). I am having difficulty with the translation; all I know is that chamz lah, my knee's all banged up.

I'm now banned from jogging and all high-impact exercise. And high heels. *sigh*.
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Touched by my angel [Oct. 21st, 2007|08:56 pm]
[mood |mellowmellow]

This happened earlier during dinner time.

My sis-in-law asked my niece, "Name 3 type of birds that cannot fly."
My niece answered, "Ostrich, Chicken............... and an injured bird."

So clever hor? *faints*


I was mindlessly surfing facebook when my niece marched up to me and handed me a clipboard. She then giggled and quickly ran away.

On the clipboard, she had written "I LOVE U, from Ashley to Gu Gu" in big glittery pink letters.

If I were a mummy, this will probably be one of those episodes which make parenthood worth all the while.
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